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Odenza Vacations reviews from customers

What is good customer service? At Odenza, we believe it is transcending expectations and truly ensuring the experiences of our guests are positive. When our guests reciprocate by writing positive reviews or providing us with vacation stories and pictures, it assures us that we've done the job right.

Thanks again for providing Odenza with these amazing reviews that we can share with our staff, clients and new customers!

From the staff at Odenza Marketing Group Inc.

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 DateOdenza CustomerWhat They Said
2014/04/09Stephanie BrindleyOur first vacation together out of our country, was well... AMAZING! We left a cold and snow filled Ontario and traveled to sunny, warm Nevada. We enjoyed a few dollars worth of gambling and a couple drinks by the pool. We loved our day trip to the Hoover Dam as well. The views of the dessert and the hills were enough to take my breath away.
2014/04/09Anne BoudriaThis was my first cruise, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I actually really enjoyed it! We went with Carnival and we are looking forward to trying other cruise lines in the future. Our embarkation was in Florida, we went to Freeport, then Nassau, Bahamas then came back. Looking at the water, it was very peaceful. I hope to try it again! :)
2014/04/07Luc goguenWhen we went on our vacation it was such a great time , we would do it again for sure !!
2014/04/03Yelena SkibaWe had the most fantastic time taking a cruize from San Pedro, California. It was four days of heaven! The idea of traveling in comfort and class with continuous opportunitites to discover new destinations without driving or packing/ unpacking made our vacation most enjoyable and fun.
2014/04/02Chelsea NypiukThis vacation was everything a ladies trip should be! Sunshine, shopping, pools, and glam evenings out!
2014/03/29Ja'Leasa Worley Odenza provided a great trip for me. Loved waking up to the sunshine. My location was amazing near anything you can imagine! I had so much fun! I would book my future trip with Odenza again.
2014/03/28Ryan SimmonsOur vacation was great. The weather was awesome and the hotel stay was nice as well. We we surrounded by a lot of great activities and theme parks. We enjoyed going to the theme parks and water parks.
2014/03/21Lynn Marie MillsOur vacation was fantastic. Our travel agent secured great airline connections and an amazing hotel. We enjoyed circle de soliel shows, David Copperfield, visits to all of the major casinos, the Fremont experience and other Vegas attractions.
2014/03/21Nicole Megan SkinnerOur vacation/honeymoon was picture perfect! Filled wih fun, laughs, sight-seeing, history, and our favorite, the dolphin encounter!
2014/03/21Elena gavrielovOur vacation was amazing. Because of Odenza we were able to go to Disneyland together as a family on my son's 5th birthday. This is the only thing he wanted to do on this special day and he wanted whole family to be together, and we couldn't have afforded without Odenza. Thanks!!!!