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What is good customer service? At Odenza, we believe it is transcending expectations and truly ensuring the experiences of our guests are positive. When our guests reciprocate by writing positive reviews or providing us with vacation stories and pictures, it assures us that we've done the job right.

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  Date Odenza Customer What They Said
2015/04/28 Dan Anderson We are so interested in history so this trip was perfect. We got to see how things were done many years ago. We got to see a capital , court house, jail and so much more.
2015/04/27 Leigh Solidum Relaxing and fun vacation at numerous beaches, historical sites and enjoying a fiesta.
2015/04/25 Ritika Khanna Absolutely incredible! The weather was amazing, the sights were beautiful, and the experience was worth every moment. Coming back was definitely the hardest part; we didn't want to leave!
2015/04/24 Louise Holwerda Our Alaskan Cruise was something we will always remember as a highlight in our lives! We took our daughter as our gift to her for her grade 12 graduation. It was perfect. We saw icebergs, a glacier, met new people, and just enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere while being treated like royalty by the staff on the ship.
2015/04/22 Aretha Williams It was the best time of our lives. We had so much fun which I could have stayed just a little bit longer.
2015/04/19 Claude Simard Première expérience de croisière très convaincante, nous en ferons d'autres assurément. Pour la beauté du navire Glory, le luxe et la propreté, la nourriture y est excellente ainsi que le confort des cabines. Les quantités incroyables d'activités à bord et les spectacles à ne pas manquer. Beaucoup de plaisir à découvrir et visiter les différentes îles des Caraïbes. Bref, une expérience des plus agréables du début à la fin.
2015/04/18 Fréchette Marie-Chantal et Claude Simard Vacances merveilleuses sur un bateau de croisière de luxe, très stable lors de grands vents, et d'une propreté impeccable. Les repas des buffets et restaurants sont délicieux, abondants et d'une variété incroyable. Tout est délicieux! Nous avons aimé la possibilité de visiter plusieurs îles des Caraïbes lors d'une même croisière. Bref un voyage inoubliable!
2015/04/16 Janna Chegahno Amazing, fun, family vacation!
2015/04/10 Sherettha Simmons (McGinnis) The vacation was wonderful. All travel plans went smoothly and documentation was received timely. Inquiries was addressed timely by the agent and all options/pricing were presenting at the time of booking.
2015/04/08 Marilyn Tallmadge We had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. This was our third time here, so we didn't have the frantic trip of trying to get it all in. The highlight of the trip was finally getting out to see the iconic sign " Welcome to Las Vegas". It was just so nice to get away with my husband, and get in some quality time. The picture I am uploading with this entry is our first ever selfie. Only in Vegas!
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