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Marketing Executives Incentives

We know how much pressure there is on you as a marketing director or professional marketer in your organization. The weight of the world can be on your shoulders at times.

The list of your work is astronomical.

  • You’ve got to handle brand
  • Keep up with advertising
  • Monitor the latest in marketing; social media; tweet this, tweet that…
  • All the sales team does is complain about their leads
  • Manage execution at store level
  • Acquisition, Retention, etc

How to use Travel Incentives

Where does it end where does it end?

Well as the famous song goes: you’ve got a friend in me!

Our programs are a little known secret to give you a 10-to-1 leverage in marketing spend. You’ve never seen anything that extends your budget the way these programs extend your budget.

Ask yourself: what do you need?

  • Do you need something for a prize?
  • What about a quick giveaway?
  • Need something to increase motivation among your lead generation people?
  • How about something that could really spice up your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram contest ideas?
Even when talking about very specific goals, be it increasing leads for your next quarter or implementing something that will help you close more sales, we have the solution for you.

So, what does Odenza do?

We specialize in travel incentives that help businesses close more sales and generate more leads. Whether you market in the digital or traditional space (or both), our incentives are designed to push your efforts to the next level.
Odenza programs can assist you with a number of marketing activities to build your revenue, enhance engagement through your channels, and help you maximize your gross margin.

Below are some of the key benefits clients gain when using our products

  • Attract more customers
  • Improve gross margin
  • Increase the gross on every sale
  • Help to close the deal today
  • Facilitate referrals and repeat business
  • Energize your sales team
  • Freshen your showroom with something new
  • Provide your company with a competitive advantage
  • Lastly, and most importantly of all: we make it easy because we do it all with a full service marketing department – Free of charge.

Our reputation

We’ve being doing this for 20 years, and have built strong relationships with travel suppliers and businesses throughout North America, including Westjet Vacations, Las Vegas Conventions Visitors Authority, Air Canada Vacations, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

We strive for constant excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. As a result, we have been voted as businesses’ number one choice for travel incentives. We also have an award-winning in-house travel agency comprising best-of-the-best travel consultants who help your customers organize their vacations.

What an easy way to travel!!! Robert at Odenza made my day when he emailed me to say Trip Confirmed! And wished me happy and safe travels. I had questions and concerns that were all met with courtesy and options during the booking process. I will definitely connect with Odenza again for my next trip! Bon voyage for now!!!
Kelly Bell
Kelly Bell
I had Wendy as our travel agent for our Honeymoon and she was great! We were a little disappointed that there were no cruises around the time for our honeymoon that fit the promotional but she provided us with a great alternative options (yes you have to pay the additional taxes and a per person fee) but it was great that she was patient with us as we only had a little over 2 months away from our wedding & Honeymoon. It’s my soon to be husbands first cruise every & this will be my 3rd. I really want him to enjoy himself & Wendy was very diligent answering all his questions & mines. We were able to book our cruise yesterday! We’re going to Jamaica & I’m super excited! Thanks Wendy!
Tisha Pass
Tisha Pass
We were looking for for a getaway cruise sailing to Hawaii sometime of 2018 and thinking that booking it earlier would be easier to find schedule. It's a blessing that we had Grace Baarde Ambrocio of Odenza who assisted us in getting the most of the schedule of the trip. She asked the details of our preferences and by just giving us suggestions and ideas for what is best, just in a day we already had the package that we want for our cruise. Thanks Grace.
Monroe-Rory Malabuen-Biltz
Monroe-Rory Malabuen-Biltz
We are very pleased with our travel agent Ramun Sangha. She provided us with all the information and details we required for our trip to Las Vegas. She offered us best choices she could find even though it was in short of period of time. We will work with Ramun again when I need help finding a trip. Thank you! Great service.
Maritza Alvarez
Maritza Alvarez
While there was an upfront fee to be able to get in contact with an agent because of the promotional we used, we had quick and friendly service from our agents once this was done. The agent we booked the trip with (Robert) responded to my emails right away and answered all questions I had. He provided various vacations based on dates and destinations and made the whole process easy and comfortable! We look forward to our vacation :)
Sharly Hunter
Sharly Hunter
Robert Bahia was great. Our experience was exceptional we initially were contacted by phone and were able to get our trip finalized through email. Robert responded quickly to our questions. Thanks, we are sure we will have a great trip and would not hesitate to use Odenza and Robert for our next vacation.
Kathy Dally
Kathy Dally
Ana Vazquez was our travel agent and we couldn't have asked for a better one! Our honeymoon was delayed in being planned because of my husbands job. She quickly found us options based on what we wanted out of our trip. If something fell through, she called with a better alternative. She made the process very easy and stress free. Especially during the wedding planning process, that was one thing I didn't have to worry about. Our destination was set for Dominican Republic. Hurricane Irma had us worried that we wouldn't get a honeymoon. Ana was within constant communication with us. In the end, the honeymoon happened when we originally scheduled it! The resort (Bahia Principe) was gorgeous and tranquil. The staff was friendly. The food was delicious. Exactly what we wanted out of our honeymoon! Thanks again Ana!
Michelle Amieva
Michelle Amieva
It was a very pleasant experience working with Robert Bahia who was both friendly and helpful through the whole vacation planning process. Rob provided options for us to review very quickly and responded to questions with the same expediency. We look forward to our Vegas vacation and thank Rob for making the experience of booking such a trip feel it was in very capable and trusting hands.
SteveTania Lewis
SteveTania Lewis
I was very pleased with the service I had with Robert. He was most helpful in finding a vacation spot for my voucher even within a short time frame. He listened, took action and quickly followed up; leaving me feeling confident all the way through the process. I will work with Robert again when I need help finding a trip. Thank you! Great service.
Mickey Moore
Mickey Moore
Thank you so much to our wonderful and patient travel agent, Ms. Ana! She was beyond helpful and fulfilled all of our "must haves" to order to make our vacation a special one. She also answered all of our questions and explained in great detail, so we feel confident and excited about our Honeymoon!!! Thank you Odenza Vacations*
Kayla Hammes
Kayla Hammes
An exciting and memorable trip we had experienced in Las Vegas-thru the courtesy and helps of Odenza Vacations. Mr. Matthew N. who helped and support us from the beginning up to the end of our 3-day trip was superb and beyond our expectation. He never leave us and gave us all the information we need i.e. plane ticket and itinerary, hotel booking and many more. The services he extended to us were excellent. I would highly recommend Odenza Vacations to all my relatives and friends if ever they will plan to take vacations..
Romeo Esguerra Soriano
Romeo Esguerra Soriano
You feel like you're getting scammed at first because of various deposits and taxes that you have to pay upfront, but the great thing is that they're all refundable! I paid $108 in deposits/taxes, and in the end, they weren't able to find a promotional deal on the date that I wanted. I asked if I could get my money back, and they ended up giving me all my money back PLUS a $50 check because they couldn't get me what I wanted. Woo!I also appreciated that I was able to contact the travel agent by email (and he was quick to respond), because some companies like this only work over the phone.
Melinda Muyargas
Melinda Muyargas
Mr. Matt Nittlua is our agent. In my opinion, he is a very patient, knowledgeable, caring young man. My husband and I want to go to Chicago. He has taken away the frustration that can come along with making vacation plans. He really knows how to take care of business. We really appreciate him and Odenza.
Carolyn Oden
Carolyn Oden
Ana was my agent and I couldn't be more pleased!! We are planning our Honeymoon and amongst other Wedding plans, this had been a stressful part up until having Ana's help. She was very polite and understanding to all our needs. She helped make our selection and official booking very easy!!Thank you so much Ana for all our help! My fiance and I are so excited for our Honeymoon to the Dominican Republic!!!Give yourself some Grace and let someone else help you with your next adventure!!! ENJOY AND HAPPY TRAVELS :)
Mallory Abernathy
Mallory Abernathy
Krista was beyond amazing!!! She recommended our entire trip and put us at the best resort for our honeymoon! She walked us through every step of the way with being out of the country and what to expect! She would respond very quick to my questions and made the entire expirence with booking our honeymoon painless. We cant wait to book another trip through her and this company!!!!!!!!!! If i could give more than 5 stars I would!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Tori Crail
Tori Crail
Robert Bahia has been very helpful and nice getting my round trip flights. I wished they had access to more companies because I found cheaper offers but he didn't have access to them. Anyway, I worked with them in order to redeem my credit card miles so the final was very fair. Robert made sure that everything was correct and answered all my questions very kindly. Overall my experience was excellent.
Inma Nente
Inma Nente
Very Happy with our agent Ana Vazquez. The booking of the trip was a breeze will update when we get back from the Bahamas!Our Honeymoon was great! everything was well organized and put together for us. My wife and I couldn't have been happier! The only hiccup was we didn't get notice that our transport changed for getting to and from the hotel to the airport. But a lady from the transport company came to us when she noticed not long after our scheduled pock up time!
Randy Moser
Randy Moser
Tuve la fortuna de conocer Vancouver el año pasado, todo resultó de maravilla, desde la planeación y la atención de Odenza por parte de Ana Vazquez..Aparte del magnifico servicio que me brindó por parte de su empresa nos orientó y nos resolvió muchas dudas que teníamos. Durante nuestra estancia siempre estuvo al pendiente para recibir el mejor servicio en los hoteles donde reservamos. Gracias a Odenza y gracias Ana que para el siguiente los vuelvo a contactar.
Eduardo Alvarez
Eduardo Alvarez
If it wasn't for Kim Hoang, we would have never been able to plan our last minute trip. Kim took a date, location, and a few particular "must haves", and put together a fantastic trip that will be hard to top! Last minute planning can be stressful to say the least, but Kim took over and was able to eliminate all our worries and deliver beyond our expectations. Without hesitation, we will be contacting Kim for our trip this fall!
Katie Bee
Katie Bee

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