Why Promotional Electronics

With the introduction of promotional electronics into our line of incentive solutions, Odenza’s aim is to ensure that our clients have even more incentive options available to them.

While the implementation of Promotional Electronics was inspired in part by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19’s impact on travel and events, tech products (such as Earbuds, Smart Watches, Bluetooth speakers, etc.) possess an evergreen appeal that will pique many customers’ interests.

Incentives that Complement One Another

The selection of Promotional Electronics available through the Pelios line were hand-picked by Odenza to ensure that they’d be practical and appealing to a wide range customers – whether those customers were music lovers, fitness fanatics, homebodies, tech enthusiasts, etc.

It Helps You Stay Front-of-Mind

Here’s a quick stat for you: 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser/business who gave them a promotional product – even two years after receiving the product. What’s great about Promotional Electronics is that they’re practical pieces of tech that customers could use on a day-to-day basis.

Every time a customer of yours who received a Promotional Electronic (e.g. headphones or a smart watch) uses that piece of tech, chances are they’ll be able recall that it was your business that gave it to them.

This builds an enduring tie between you and the consumer which, in turn, keeps your business at the front of their mind. This can foster positive associations with your business, and even inspire greater customer loyalty.

More for Less

No matter how you choose to utilize Odenza’s range of Promotional Electronics, one constant benefit you are guaranteed is reduced prices.

We are the wholesale distributor of Pelios products, which means we pass these savings onto you – in general, you can get our Pelios products for 50% to 70% less than retail. This difference can be even higher for Pelios Gift Cards. For example, if you purchase a $50 Pelios Gift Card, you only pay $5 while your customers can redeem the full $50 value.

Reduced costs are applied whether you buy the products wholesale, as part of a certificate program, or through Pelios Gift Cards. No matter the approach, you’ll always be receiving a discount.

Let’s Talk

Promotional Electronics offer a host of sales and marketing opportunities that can bring in more business and larger sales numbers.

When you invest in Promotional Electronics through Odenza, you can rest assured knowing we will be there to assist you whenever you need help – we handle the shipping and fulfilment while providing ongoing support to both our clients and their customers.

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