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8 Ways To Use Vacation Incentives

#1 in the promotional certificate industry for 18 years

Odenza has been working with retailers and businesses since 1998, and in our experience one of the most common issues is how to bring in more leads and increase profits. Is this something you are also struggling with?

This past year we’ve helped hundreds of businesses triple their leads from their existing advertising spend, resulting in greater return on investment and record-breaking sales.

Here are 8 ways to get your advertising noticed, increase business and grow sales with vacation incentives!


Promotions set your store apart from others in your area, giving you a competitive advantage and spicing up your advertising.

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Special Events

Create a sense of urgency to “act now”

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Closing Tools

Vacation incentives help you close the deal!

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Referral Program

Energize your referral program by offering a vacation and watch your business multiply!

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Prize Giveaways

Create excitement in the showroom, and collect contacts for future promos.

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Private Sales

Create a special event to reward previous buyers for their support.

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Loyalty Program

Reward your loyal customers and let them spread the word.

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Digital Marketing

Attract customers looking for online deals and sales using this cost-effective avenue of advertising.

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