Utilizing Promotions with Top Rewards for Customer Purchases

When you hear the word travel incentive while talking with a retailer or service provider, you probably throw up a red flag and move on to the next business. But, what most business owners are unaware of is that if you market your promotions and incentives properly, you can see your company flourish. Finding an innovative approach to motivate new and existing customers to work with you is always a challenge, which is why at Odenza, we believe that we have the perfect promotional opportunity for your business.

Are Promotions Working for You?

One of the main reasons why your current promotions fail to build up sales is because your marketing campaign was poorly planned and executed. Sure you can post promotions on your Facebook or hang a small banner by your register, but every angle of the advertising spectrum must be included. Everything from sending out invitations via email to encouraging people who walk in to your store should be introduced to your latest promotion. That is where we come in. We have the tools to help market a successful travel incentive package no matter what industry your business is in.

Why should you Use Travel Incentives?

Travel incentives are designed to help set your store apart from others in your industry – to ultimately give you the edge in advertising and at the same time give the added value to your customer. A travel incentive is exactly what it states – your customer does business with you to purchase your product and you give them a free travel reward. In reality it seems too good to be true, but we do not try to sugarcoat anything. We help you right from the start to find the right travel incentive package that satisfies your needs.

Travel Incentives Are Desirable

In advertising, there are far more promotions today than there have ever been. Sure, when a customer spends their money on something that you offer them it is gone instantly, but that is when a travel incentive comes in to put that money to work for a rewarding vacation. This is a much more exhilarating experience for your clients, because it gives them the opportunity to build their own memory without having to spend more than their budget allows.
According to an incentive travel survey from the Incentive Research Foundation, 74 percent of U.S. businesses turn to non-cash rewards and incentive programs to target key audiences with their business. In fact, 46 percent of these businesses run travel incentive programs as an award for doing business with the company. Thus, over the years of providing high quality travel incentive programs, Odenza clients have reported an average increase of sales of nearly 22 percent, which is well above the industry standard of 15 percent.
With this in mind it is our job to go the extra mile for you. It is our duty to always be honest and never over-sell anything to our clients or to yours who make the purchase for the incentive. It is our pleasure to help you generate more leads, drive sales, increase market penetration, improve margins and develop effective traveling incentives..

Wheels are Up, What’s next?

Now it is your turn to get in contact with us. Give our marketing representatives a call and have them set you up with the perfect travel incentive campaign that matches your upcoming promotion. We have a full-service travel agency on board so you will never have to take care of any of the legwork after making a sale. It is that easy. Get your free sample or call our business marketing department at 1-866-883-2968.

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