How to Pick the Best Travel Incentive Company

The allure of travel certificates works for rewarding customers and employees.

The real question is how to find a reputable company that is going to make things easier for you and your staff, not harder.
Odenza’s business credibility and success answers the following key questions.

Do they have a record of success?

Look for convincing case studies. The company should be able to tell you about success stories other clients have had in a variety of industries, and what worked for them and their staff in terms of advertising, promoting, usage, and presentation. Please click here to view Odenza’s Business Case Studies.

Do they demonstrate that they understand the client’s business needs?

Look for the business solution provider who asks YOU questions before pitching their ideas. Could they really be your on-going consultants? Do they help you define your motivation and performance improvements needs? Do they approach your needs beyond merely offering to sell you their product?

Do the Travel Incentive products really offer you a solution?

What happens after the sale? Will they provide free marketing and customer support? How easy is it to get ahold of someone? Travel incentive companies that really want to deliver results and deserve a long-term relationship with you, will offer solutions that meet your needs!

Find out how featuring one clip out travel coupon in their ad created a huge buzz in their town.

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