8 ways to use vacation incentive - prize giveaways

Random Acts of Kindness with Prize Giveaways

Has your business ever flirted with the idea of having a luxurious prize giveaway that draws in customers? Maybe you thought about throwing in a little incentive at the end of a great sale, but you were afraid of losing precious revenue. At Odenza, we provide a way for that giveaway to happen, without costing your business in the long run. Prize giveaways drive tons of traffic to your store, especially for auto and furniture dealers, and jewelry stores. For many businesses, going the extra mile and offering free travel incentives to customers really help them stand out from the competition.

Travel prize giveaways can often be run in conjunction with a weekend sales or special event. It will help create more excitement in the showroom, and can also help you collect emails and contacts for future marketing opportunities. Here is how it can work with your business: you create an event that offers a free trip per day, you make an invite for people to come to your showroom, and they fill out a ballot. At the end of each day, a ballot is drawn, and a guest receives a complimentary vacation.

Prize Giveaways Create Customer Satisfaction

This is not only a great tool to help introduce your latest service or product, but it is the best way to keep your customers happy with your business. You don’t want your customers to come to you only once and never see them again – give them something that makes your brand stick. According to recent statistics from incentive magazine, travel incentives increase sales by an average of 15%. Additionally, travel incentives met up to 99% of the company’s objectives when it was all said and done.

Prize Giveaways Draw In Your Peers for Collaboration

If you are a business-to-business company (B2B), then you know that making connections is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Sometimes, the hard part is keeping your business partners interested. By hosting a prize giveaway, this creates more word-of-mouth activity with your existing partners, and the opportunity to share more to their connections, and possibly lead you to them to help your company expand.

Sharing is everything!

First, you will have to decide what your goals are with this promotion. Once you have established that, we will guide you in the right direction to advertise effectively. Odenza coordinators will show you a variety of examples of how prize giveaways have been marketed in the past, and put them in the right advertising platforms (TV, newspaper, Facebook, etc.). We will even guide your staff through the process to ensure that the giveaway is shared with the people you want to reach.

Why Offer Prize Giveaways?

Prize giveaways are the perfect incentive to help separate you from the competition. We find that by presenting you with the best incentive solution for your business, you get what you deserve and so do your customers. Our full-service travel agency fulfills your promotional needs by doing all of the planning, scheduling and communication to take care of the winners of your prize giveaway every step of the way.

Invite Your Guests to the Next Prize Giveaway

We can help your business thrive. Give our marketing representatives a call and have them evaluate your advertising campaign, and then set up the perfect strategy that will inspire customers at your sales event. Get your free sample plan or call us at 1-866-883-2968.

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