Grand Experiences

Experiential Rewards that Reflect Your Brand & Delight Your Customers

When it comes to rewarding your customers, you want to be able to offer them something truly unique that also strongly reflects your brand.

Take your brand’s image to the next level through the use of experiential rewards. Experiential rewards can enhance how customers perceive your brand and create a longer lasting impression of your brand that will keep you front-of-mind for years to come.

Many of our clients, some of which are part of the Fortune 500 group, have praised the use of our experiential rewards as it has helped them to create a deeper connection with their customers. Creating a connection between your brand and customers can be tricky and you have to try new things in order to get your customers’ attention. Experiential rewards are often featured in commercials, websites, social media, on physical point-of-purchase materials, and public events; all of which help to get customers talking about your brand.

As part of Odenza’s Grand Experience offerings, we craft custom-made packages with the features and perks that match your brand image and message, tie to the campaign you are running, and inspire and surprise your recipients.

No matter the event, experience, or destination, Odenza will provide a Grand Experience that your customers love and keeps your brand front-of-mind.

Grand Experiences can include:

Tickets to major sporting events, including finals. For example:

  • The Super Bowl
  • NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup final
  • The US Opens – Golf/Tennis, etc.

Customized getaway packages, such as:

  • International trips
  • Resort stays
  • Cruises
  • Multi-day/multi-week vacations to popular destinations throughout North America and abroad
  • High-value vacation certificates that offer the recipient the freedom to choose a specific vacation experience

Our Grand Experiences can also account for additional touches, such as providing spending money, VIP access during sporting events, included car rental, local guides, hotel perks, and much more.

Grand Experience We Made Possible in the Past

In the past, we’ve designed Grand Experiences that have seen customers receive getaways to New York, attend March Madness finals, and even attend the 2019 Masters where Tiger Woods claimed his first new victory since 2008.

More examples of branded Grand Experiences we had recently organized include:

  • Panasonic: Spider-Man New York trip – you can learn more about this Grand Experience below.
  • Eddie Bauer (outdoor clothing and gear brand): a family trip for 4 (2 adults, 2 children) to Big Sur Lodge, California – located in Big Sur State Park, surrounded by nature and filled with outdoors-focused experiences.
  • ACV Auto Auctions (automotive auction site for licensed auto dealers): UFC Event trip – 2 tickets to Vegas, championship UFC fight, 4-star hotel stay.
  • Fashion retailer: a luxury trip to NYC  – 5-star hotel for 4 nights, limo to/from airport, 2 tickets to 2 separate events of the recipient’s choosing.

To see even more about our sports-centric Grand Experiences, check out our Sports Prizes page.

Below, you can learn more about the Grand Experience we put together with Panasonic back in 2017.

Spider-Man New York Package with Panasonic

With the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, anticipation for the film was high and Panasonic Canada had secured a sponsorship with the film.

In order to drive excitement and increase sales of their line of Alkaline Plus and Platinum Power batteries, Panasonic wanted to run a contest that lasted several months and maintained consistent interest throughout its duration. Along with the aim of driving an uptick in battery sales, Panasonic also hoped to increase traffic to its Canadian website and grow their social media presence.

To achieve these goals, Panasonic partnered with Odenza, and we took care of the grand prizes. There were six in total, with each grand prize offering a trip to NYC for two people – we provided the trip certificates and handled the organization of each trip with the lucky winners.

The contest ran for 12 weeks, with the six grand prizes being awarded at the end of its run. Panasonic made a large push for the contest both online and offline, with social media and a devoted microsite being the key online channels, and the specific line of Panasonic batteries being specially designed to promote the contest at different retailers across Canada.

There is so much more that can be said of this fantastic Grand Experience. So, if you are interested to learn even more about our work with Panasonic Canada, you can check out the full story here: Panasonic & Spider-Man: A Digital Marketing Success Story.

We’re Here to Help

No matter the type of experiential reward you’re looking to offer your customers, Odenza is here to help you every step of the way.

Since 1998, Odenza has been a pioneer in the travel and experiential incentive industry. We have dedicated sales, marketing, and travel departments; each ensuring that we can offer your business the very best products and support possible.

Our fantastic team of travel consultants ensure your customers will have exceptional experiences that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives – experiences that they will associate with your brand.

If you want to learn more, get in touch with us by filling out the form on this page or you can reach out to us via our Contact Page.

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Along with our customizable Grand Experiences, Odenza also offers Grand Prize solutions in the forms of Gift Certificates and pre-defined Platinum Vacations. You can learn more about these range of products by clicking on the links below:

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