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Some customers prefer a bit more action with their getaways, whether it’s attending a golf final, the Super Bowl, or March Madness. And if you have customers who like a bit of both, – luxury and sports – Odenza’s got that covered, too.

Below you will see an overview of some of the fantastic sports prizes we can put together for clients such as yourself. And remember that this is just a brief listing – if you want a prize based around a different sports code, let us know.


Whether you want to reward your customers with tickets to a specific NBA game, the finals, or give them the freedom to choose which game they attend, all of these options are possible through Odenza. And don’t forget that such rewards can be crafted into a complete luxurious getaway. This can include perks such as included airfares, X number of nights of hotel stay, access to luxury NBA suites during a game, and more.


Imagine the look on your customers’ faces if you were to give them tickets to a NFL game or, even better, the Super Bowl. In fact, you could make a vacation out of it – we can organize flights, hotel stay, tickets to the event and more. So, if you know you have customers who live and breathe NFL, this could be the absolute perfect gift to reward them with.


Got customers who love a good hockey match? Be it tickets to a match of their choice or a mix of vacation luxury and tickets to the Stanley Cup finals, there are so many great approaches you can take to reward your hockey-loving customers. No matter how you want to craft your reward, Odenza can make it a reality.


The NCAA is the largest organization that regulates college athletes and college-based sporting events across the US and Canada. Of all of its major events, March Madness is undoubtedly one of its most renown. Suffice to say, March Madness is the exact type of event that stands out in many basketball lovers’ calendars. March Madness is just one of the events that we’ve crafted gifts around before, and you can check out the overview below:

The 2019 March Madness Prize

During the 2019 NCAA March Madness Championships, Odenza crafted a final four package that a client used as a Grand Experience for a lucky customer and the companion of their choice.
The package included roundtrip airfares and three nights hotel stay in Minneapolis, $250 (USD) of spending money, as well as the Final Four Experience.
The Final Four Experience itself accounted for two tickets to both semi-final games of the NCAA men’s basketball on April 6, and two tickets to the championship game that occurred on April 8.

Daytona 500

For the autophiles, particularly those with a love for NASCAR, they don’t come much bigger or better than the Daytona 500.

As with any of our sports-focused prizes, you can completely customize the prize to best suit your customers. This could range from a pair of tickets to the Daytona 500, or a multi-night getaway with hotel stay near the Daytona circuit, spending money, and more.

Indy 500

If you have customers who love car racing but prefer a faster paced, tight-cornered affair, then the Indy 500 might be more their speed. Again, no matter the type of Indy 500 prize you want to give away, we can put it together for you – from the simplest ticket giveaway all the way to a grand prize-style offering.

US Open

For golf lovers, events such as the US Open are a great option when it comes to offering a prize or reward. In fact, we crafted a US Open package for a client earlier in 2019, which you can read about below:

The 2019 Us Open Prize

With our custom-made US Open prize (June, 2019), we provided a client with a comprehensive package that covered two people over the course of three days.
This included airfare, accommodation, car rental, and on-site amenities at the US Open in Pebble Beach – the winners were able to access the Championship Gallery, as well as the Lodge at Pebble Beach Golf Links.


Another great option for golf lovers is the Masters Tournament. Again, this is another major sporting event that we crafted a package around. You can check out the details below. If this is something you’d like to offer your own customers for future Masters Tournaments, get in touch!

The 2019 Masters Tournament Prize

With the 2019 Masters Tournament that took place at the Augusta National Golf Course, another client saw an opportunity to offer an unforgettable Grand Experience to their golf-loving customers.

The Grand Experience package Odenza put together provided the lucky winner with the following:

  • Roundtrip airfare for two
  • Two nights hotel stay in Augusta, GA
  • Two tickets to the Masters final
  • Access the Foundation Club on game-day, complete with a full open bar, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon hors d’oeuvres

The fact Tiger Woods claimed his first victory since 2008 at the 2019 Masters was undoubtedly icing on the cake for the winners.

The VIP Ticket

Finally, let’s talk about the VIP Ticket. This is the perfect incentive for those customers who love to attend major sporting events at their own pace.

The way it works is simple: the VIP Ticket entitles two people to secure tickets valued at a total of up to $300 ($150 per ticket) to almost any sporting event of their choosing throughout North America. It’s a simple, but incredibly valuable and versatile sport offering.

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