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Manufacturing and Distribution Incentives

Do you want:

  • higher sales and gross margins?
  • to give your distribution channel an edge when selling your product?
  • to motivate channel partners to exceed sales targets by x% in the coming period?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place.

What is Odenza all about?

We make it easy for YOU to reward or motivate your distribution channels with vacations incentives – because everybody loves a vacation!

We pre-package our vacations into certificates so you can easily give them to customers or channel partners. Not only that, but we also provide a myriad of marketing support so your team can easily execute their marketing plan.

For 20 years, Odenza has specialized in providing companies with unrivaled marketing and sales solutions through the use of travel incentives, as well as sports and concert tickets. In the past three years alone, we have helped 1,140 clients from 43 industries across North America deliver 3,420 promotions.

If you’re a manufacturer who wants greater buy-in of your products from third-party resellers, or you want to see a lift in sales via your own distribution channels, check this out:

  • Manufacturer of home improvement products
  • National distribution channel, 400 distributors/installers
  • Objective: Increase their year-over-year sales, especially with mid-level distributors
  • Delivery: If a distributor ordered $25,000 more product in 2017 versus the amount they ordered in 2016, they would be awarded with a vacation

The vacation included round trip airfare and a 3-night hotel stay for 2. The retail value of this vacation was approx. $1,100 plus taxes and fees. Price to the client was $289 per certificate. As the client also decided to cover the taxes and fees for the recipients who booked their trips, the vacations were effectively free for the qualifying distributors.

Of the 115 distributors (including the likes of hardware stores and independent contractors) this incentive was presented to, 45 percent of them qualified by meeting that $25,000 year-over-year order increase. This led to a $1.3 million gross profit for Phantom Screens from this initiative alone.

Given the focus on their current distributors, Phantom Screen’s marketing remained relatively internal – you weren’t going to see this offer listed arbitrarily on their Facebook page. But what matters is that they knew their exact target audience (their distributors), and they got the message out to them loud and clear.

The Importance of Rewarding Distributors

The bottom line isn’t the only thing that matters – so does your reputation. Vacations are highly valued, and giving your distributors the chance to take a break and get away for only a few hundred dollars (if they are covering the trip taxes) is a powerful way to motivate your team to go the extra mile for you.

Be sure to check out the Travel Incentives 101 video, which discusses how you can reward your distributors – whether they’re first-party or third-party – for hitting specific sales goals, and why this is such an important thing to do.

What about reviews from those who go on their vacations?

It’s natural you’d wonder about our service and whether we deliver on the promise. Check out our reviews!

Below is a great example of a tier-based reward program


pdf-iconTier based Travel Rewards

Another great example is that of tier-based rewards depending on how many units of a particular product or service are sold. One such client, who specializes in the auto space, incentivized his Vehicle Service Contract sales partners to hit specific numbers that could qualify them for one of three different vacations rewards.
  • 35 VSC sales in 6 month: airfare for 2 to Vegas or Orlando with 2 nights of hotel accommodation
  • 35 VSC sales in 6 month: 7-night luxary condo resort stay – choice of 3,000 destinations
  • 60 VSC sales in 6 month: a 4-day Caribbean cruise for 2, round-trip airfare, $1,000 cash
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Marketing Support

If you’re interested, rest assured Odenza is here to help. We offer ongoing marketing support throughout the entire promotion. Whether you need to ask us questions, hit an unexpected problem, or just need some additional marketing collateral, Odenza has got you covered.

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