Marketing Ideas for Business

At its core, marketing is about learning what the customer needs and when you use some of the best marketing ideas, it makes selling any product easier. Marketing’s defined as, “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” So, it makes sense that you’d want to learn everything you can about your customers or target audience. It’s important to effectively promote these marketing ideas by generating good ad ideas and regularly featuring them on the Internet, social media, television ads, etc. In sum, when you know your customers well, it makes it that much easier to generate some great marketing campaign ideas and sell your products.

Great Marketing Ideas

The easiest thing to do is generate marketing ideas that everyone will love, like a travel incentive or develop a customer referral program. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? Additionally, the best marketing ideas are unique marketing ideas.
Referral Program for Customers: This innovative marketing idea is great because it rewards your customers for referring you to their friends and family. Additionally, it gives you a free promotional campaign idea because your customers are, essentially, promoting your business for you. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising because people will trust their friends and family more than a television ad.
Referral Programs and Partnerships with Other Companies: Referrals are also great business marketing ideas as they generate a high traffic flow to your company. If you’ve worked well with other businesses in the past, they can refer customers to you or refer other businesses to you. With that being said, forming partnerships/relationships with other businesses related to your industry also doubles your exposure. This business marketing idea introduces your company to a whole new audience. If they’re happy with the product and service, they’re likely to tell their friends and family.

Get Business Cards Made: To get some of these business referrals started, look into getting your own business cards made. This is a great marketing tip for any business because other professionals in your industry will take you seriously when you hand them a business card. This marketing idea for business also helps them remember you as you should create cards that are noticeable and memorable. With that being said, this is also a great creative marketing idea, as it allows you generate a creative design!
Show off your Success: Another great marketing idea is to publicize good reviews of your company. Get permission from the publisher to use that good review and show it off as an advertising campaign idea! This advertisement idea creates a sense of comfort in your customers as they’ll feel that you’re taking care of them.

Ideas for Advertising

When you promote your business, you’re also advertising it. There are many creative advertising ideas to choose from and it’s important to choose the right one. Generate some unique ad ideas to set yourself apart from your competitors.

If your brain works more on the right side, or you just happen to have a creative mind, there are some good creative advertising ideas and unique marketing ideas that you can take advantage of.

Other than video production, one of the most unique ad ideas is guerilla marketing. This is a strategic advertising campaign idea that uses innovative techniques for massive brand exposure. This advertising idea is also great for anyone working on a budget as it’s inexpensive and easy to implement. A great example of guerilla marketing is street art. If you want to create something less permanent, draw your company logo with something like sidewalk chalk. You can then post a photo of it to your various social media pages. This very creative ad idea will definitely turn heads and get people’s attention.


Another great creative advertising idea is to use DIY Infographics. These ideas for advertising consist of simple charts or diagrams that you can feature on your website, in your store, etc. This ad idea also shows important information about your company in a colorful and fun way! It’s also a good advertising idea because, among other reasons, it’s easy to share on social media. All customers have to do is click one button.

If you want customers directed to your website, another idea for advertising is what’s known as stumble-upon advertising. This advertising campaign idea can be as fun, interesting, and interactive as you want it to be. Also, a great marketing tip for this advertisement idea is to use mediums like photography or include a funny joke. Best of all, this ad idea is one of the more affordable marketing promotion ideas out there!

Finally, recycle content you’ve already created on your site in a fun and different format! For example, make a video from an old blog or come up with some fun and interesting social media campaign ideas. The more creative advertising ideas you have, the more people will take notice of your content.

These are some good advertising ideas for the Internet, but it’s also important to feature some great promotional campaign ideas or marketing ideas. One great marketing tip is to include a travel incentive on your ads. Make these creative advertising ideas as eye-catching as you want, by adding in color, noticeable text, and something like a travel incentive. When you include everything, people will take notice.



Online Marketing Ideas

There are some other great online marketing ideas that can be used as effective promotional campaign ideas. Before the Internet, generating advertisement ideas and implementing these advertising campaign ideas was expensive. As a business owner, you had to really pull your resources together to come up with some great marketing tips. With the Internet, however, there are many inexpensive advertising campaign ideas and marketing ideas to take advantage of. One of these advertising campaign ideas is to host an online contest.

Hosting a special online contest will attract customers to your company and your company’s website. This marketing campaign idea generates excitement, especially when you offer a special prize to a customer that wins the contest, like a travel incentive for example. This excitement motivates your loyal customers to share this online marketing idea with their friends and family. Additionally, when your customers enter this contest, they’ll provide you with their email. This is a great online marketing idea because it allows you to update them on other online contests or business promotion ideas you may generate in the future. This further increases their loyalty and reminds them of how great your company is.

Furthermore, when these special contests direct your customers to your website, they’ll be able to read all the awesome featured blogs. With that being said, blogging is another great online marketing idea. This is one of the best marketing ideas because it adds more content to your website, which increases searchability. This is accomplished through keywords that are red-flagged when someone types something into a search engine. The more content on your website, the more likely this advertisement idea will be picked up by the search engine (Note: you can use resources to help find the most popular keywords). If you’re not familiar with how this process works, hire a writer to do it for you. If you can’t afford one, write the blogs yourself and look up “how to videos” on YouTube.

YouTube is a great modern resource for learning how to do anything. With that being said, adding video content to your website is another great marketing idea. Have fun with it! Make this business marketing idea interesting and really show off your company. When your customers see your products, instead of reading about them, it also provides you with a very effective and creative marketing idea as video production is a popular art form. Many people throughout the world search for “how to” videos on YouTube (such as how to blog videos), so, a great marketing tip is to get creative with it. This will help the video to stand out in a customer’s mind.

It’s important to remember, however, that hiring a professional video production company can be expensive. If this isn’t in your budget, hire a college student to do complete this marketing campaign idea for you. This is an innovative marketing idea as it helps them build up their portfolio and offers them valuable work experience, while simultaneously saving you a lot of time and money. This is also a great promotional campaign idea as this student will do some of the promoting for you by showing their work to their friends and family.


Social Media Campaign Ideas

So, online contests, blogs, and videos are some of the best online marketing ideas. But, what do you do with these good advertising ideas once they’re made? Briefly discussed earlier, sharing your innovative marketing ideas via social media provides your company with some great exposure.
Some great social media campaign ideas include building business accounts on social media websites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Here, people can like/join your pages and you can post to them as regularly as you want to. Be a savvy social networker and post about special events or promotional campaign ideas you’ve generated. Offer a special prize in these posts, like a gift card, gift-with-purchase, travel incentive, etc. to generate even more interest in your ad idea.

A great marketing tip is to link your company website to these pages. This is also a great business marketing idea as it’s another way to increase traffic to your website. It’s easy to target a specific audience when you use great social media campaign ideas.

LinkedIn also has some great resources to generate some great social media campaign ideas; here you can join groups, connect and talk with people, share your blog posts, and add network connections.

When these contests, blogs, videos, and social media posts, etc. bring customers to your website, they’ll see everything else that you’ve created. If these ideas for advertising are done well and you’ve used some great marketing ideas, your customers will have fun interacting with your unique marketing ideas and, hopefully, become regulars.

What to Feature

Now, you’ve read about some unique marketing ideas and promotional campaign ideas, but now comes the hard part; what should you put on these advertisement ideas?

The best time to generate creative advertising ideas is when you have something to put on them; featuring a travel incentive on your ads is one of the best marketing tips out there. This is a complimentary vacation offered to customers when they invest in your company and it offers you a great marketing campaign idea.

This is a great marketing idea for business because it’s something that’s guaranteed to make your customers happy. Remember, the best marketing ideas offer your customers something that they need. With that being said, who wouldn’t love to receive a complimentary vacation?



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