Case Study Highlights: McNaught Cadillac


The following includes highlights from a case study based on McNaught Cadillac’s experience with Odenza Marketing Group. You can view the official case study here.

Case Study: Q&A with Orisha Peters, Marketing Manager – McNaught Cadillac

On the Overall Results of Their Incentive Efforts

So far, we’ve been happy with the results. We’ve focused on private sales, and being able to have an incentive outside of a cashback or price cut offer is really beneficial. For those who have received the Vegas trip incentive, they’ve been incredibly excited – and it’s always nice to see a happy customer.


Why Did you Decide to Try Out Odenza’s Travel Incentives?

Our main aim was to simply try something different. Like I said, we had offers such as cutting the price, but not everyone is going to find that appealing – we really wanted to expand on that and provide our customers with authentic choice. I’d heard about travel incentives and thought that could be a good route to take. It didn’t take long after that for your company to pop up in a Google search.


How Did You Implement Our Products into Your Program?

So far, the key focus has been private sales. There are always going to be certain vehicles that require a larger investment from the customer, and that’s where you try to sweeten the deal.

We’d let them select between a price cut or the Vegas vacation, and we could tell people really appreciated the ability to choose what they wanted – not what someone was trying to convince them they wanted.

We also gave a couple of incentives to staff members as a reward for their performance.

How Did You Advertise the Promotion?

For us, given we were utilizing the incentives primarily for those private sales, we weren’t always advertising what was on offer. We sent out mailers to those we felt would be the most receptive to the offer, and we did try out a bit of Facebook and radio advertising. We also made use of the showroom materials you provided us with.

Beyond that, we’ve focused mostly on offering the incentives as part of specific vehicle purchases or if we feel they could really help us close a sale.


What has Your Experience been like Working with Odenza?

It’s been great. Everyone on your team is so easy to talk to; and whenever there’s been an issue or question, we’ve never had a problem getting in contact with you. That level of support is really important when you’re trying out something new.

Would You Recommend Us to Other Businesses?

Oh yes, for sure.


I’d give you a 9. Again, we didn’t start this latest effort too long ago, so we’re still refining everything. But, so far, with how helpful everyone on your end has been and the real sense of potential I’ve been feeling this early on, I think we’re headed in a really great direction with these incentives.

About Odenza

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