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HVAC Company Increases Sales with Odenza Cruise and Vegas Certificates

In business, it’s important to understand that you have to spend money to make money. However, it’s not just about spending money, it’s about investing in something that will produce a profit. Think and do your homework before spending your hard-earned money on something. One great way to spend your money and make a profitable investment is through business partnerships with other legitimate and successful businesses.

Business Partnerships

A great idea to further the success and awareness of your business is to partner with other businesses. No matter what type of business partnership you’re getting involved in (competitive partnerships, joint ventures, non-profit partnerships, co-op partnerships, etc.,) it’s always important to make sure that both parties are profiting from it.

In order to generate a successful business partnership, it’s important to conduct research on the company you’re thinking of partnering with. Do your homework, which includes looking into the company’s financial information, verifying customers, calling references, and any other piece of information you’ll need to make the right decision. Also, before signing anything make sure you and the company you’re partnering with are on the same page. Finally, not everyone’s idea of success is the same so make sure you discuss with the other company what you need from them so that you can both benefit from the business partnership you’ve developed.

Once the right precautions are made and everything seems legitimate, then the business partnership can begin. If it’s a successful partnership, then both companies will profit from it in more than one way. Some of these benefits include broadening your technical expertise, labor, and networks. If you’re working with another company, they can help you reach an audience you probably wouldn’t have been able to reach on your own. Also, you’ll be able to discuss new issues and challenges in a way that you couldn’t before. This is especially true for smaller businesses that are just starting out. When smaller businesses partner with different companies, it can really help give them a leg up over their competitors, as they benefit from the knowledge and skills the other company brings to the table and vice-versa.

For example, Furnace King, a small heating and air conditioning maintenance company in Mississauga, ON had a successful business partnership with the Odenza Marketing Group. Odenza Marketing Group employs experienced travel agents that work to plan a complimentary travel incentive for their client’s customers. In this case, the client was Furnace King and it was a great incentive promotion, they saw serious profit and were able to successfully stand out from their competitors.

Offering a travel incentive is a great marketing strategy because, who doesn’t love a free vacation? The operations manager at Furnace King and their customers had nothing but great things to say about the Odenza Marketing Group and the promotion they planned for Furnace King.

HVAC Promotion Increase sales

The Reviews

When talking about the Odenza Marketing Group, Furnace King said, “The service your company provides always exceeds expectations. Anytime we need a follow up with our clients or modifications with our orders you are always very efficient.” She added on to this saying that, “We treat our customers with top priority and we appreciate that you can do the same for us, and for them.”

Just read what some of the customers had to say about the special furnace promotion;

HVAC Promotion Increase sales

– “This was our first cruise ever, so we didn’t know what to expect. We enjoyed every minute of our vacation on the Carnival Sensation… (Lucja S from Toronto, ON).”

– “Our Caribbean Cruise was fantastic!! The friendly and supportive staff of Odenza started off our vacation in a memorable fashion, and it continued on our week-long adventure in the sunny south…Thanks for the great service! We will definitely use Odenza again (Savio D, Brampton, ON)!!”

HVAC Promotion Increase sales

– “We had never used Odenza before, and did not know what to expect from the free travel voucher we got when we purchased an air conditioner. However, there were no gimmicks – we simply loved the hotel Jennifer Sargeant (a travel agent at Odenza) got for us to stay in Vegas – the Excalibur. She really earned her stripes as far as we are concerned, and went above and beyond our expectations… both the flight and entire trip was enjoyable and hassle-free. (Christopher G, Brampton, ON).

These satisfied customers traveled with Odenza Vacations when they bought any of Furnace King’s products during the furnace promotion. It provided their customers with an extra incentive to choose them over their competitors and helped Furnace King to close every sale.

If these reviews aren’t enough, the Odenza Marketing Group and their sales department have won three awards because of their excellence in customer satisfaction and also because of the amazing travel incentives they offer. We were also voted the number one travel incentives company by Concordia University. Finally, with the free marketing materials, and support in print design, promotions, web designs, etc., that our clients receive, it’s hard not to choose Odenza.

This is what we do. We offer well-planned and well thought-out travel incentives to a company’s customers to increase the awareness of their company, their company’s profit, marketability, and to give them an edge over their competitors. It’s what we did when we partnered and worked with Furnace King for their HVAC promotion and it worked for them. This investment can work for your company to. You’ll see the benefits when working with the Odenza Marketing Group

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Odenza has delivered 3420 promotions in the last 3 years with 1140 clients in 43 industries throughout North America. Odenza is a three-time recipient of Carnival Cruise Lines' "Pinnacle Club" award for sales excellence and a member of Funjet Vacations "500 Club" of travel agencies. Odenza was recognized for providing superior customer service, demonstrating expertise in Funjet vacation destinations and ensuring that customers receive the best vacation value available.