Why are Travel Incentives a Great Promotional Idea?


You could have the greatest idea for a business and you might be the best in the business, but if you don’t promote your product effectively, it won’t make much of a difference. There are many ways to promote your business; social media, blogs, contests, etc., but a great promotional idea is to offer your customers travel incentives.

Why are Travel Incentives a great Promotional Idea?

There are many great promotional ideas out there, however, travel incentives are a proven, effective strategy that results in building clientele and generating revenue. According to a recent study, businesses that used vacation travel incentives in their marketing and promotions saw a 30% increase in their sales.

Why is this true? Let’s use money as an example of an alternative prize to a vacation. Essentially, if you offer a client money, chances are they won’t remember it as much as they would a vacation. The reason for this is that people receive money regularly. They’ll use it to pay off bills or to treat themselves to a shopping spree. However, vacations don’t come around as often. People usually don’t have the time or the money to go on a vacation. This is why it’s so special.

Furthermore, if they’re with a loved they’ll create wonderful memories, have great stories to share with friends, and have great photos to remind them of those great memories for years to come. Wouldn’t it be great if every time they looked at those photos, they remembered that your business is what got them there in the first place?

Additionally, it’s not only a great idea to offer travel incentives to your customers, but to your employees as well. Offering a prize to employees who do a great job motivates them to provide great customer service. This increases customer satisfaction, making you and your business look good.

What are some good Travel Incentives?

There are many great promotional ideas when it comes to travel incentives. Some of these include,

  • Referrals: Offer a trip to a customer who refers a certain number of friends to your company. This will motivate them to use your business, reward them for doing so, and bring new customers in.
  • Loyalty: Offer customers a travel incentive if they use your business for a certain amount of time.
  • Closing a Deal: When you’re about to close a deal with a potential client, it looks good if you inform them that, in addition to their purchase, they’ll receive a complimentary travel incentive.

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