Wolfe Chevrolet Boosts Sales with Travel Incentives


Everyone needs a car. True, you can get around in life without one, but it’s no lie that it’s a lot easier to have a car than to not.

Sometimes, however, car dealerships need a little extra help in selling the cars on their lot. This is because there are many different models of cars out there, so it’s tough sometimes for people to decide which car model or make they want.

This is why Wolfe Chevrolet of British Columbia, Canada, decided to partner with the Odenza Marketing Group and offer a travel incentive to every customer that bought a car from their lot. This car dealership promotion gave Wolfe Chevrolet’s customers something extra for their money and helped to dramatically boost Wolfe Chevrolet’s sales.

Why Offer a Travel Incentive?

A travel incentive is a complimentary vacation that any business can reward their customers with for choosing them over the competition. It’s a unique gift and rare opportunity for anyone. After all, it’s not every day that people get to go on a vacation, especially a complimentary one. So, as a business owner, you’re not only impressing your customers with your amazing product, you’re also rewarding them with a unique gift that they’ll really enjoy.

Furthermore, this prize is worth more than cash or gift cards, which are quickly spent and forgotten about. When you send your customers on a complimentary vacation, you’re giving them the opportunity to make memories with their loved ones that they’ll have for years to come. That’s happiness that money can’t buy.


Wolfe Chevrolet’s Car Dealership Promotion

Steve Woodcock, the general manager at Wolfe Chevrolet, partnered with the Odenza Marketing Group to plan this special car dealership promotion. Referred to in their advertisements as U-Pick Vacations, this special offer gave customers the opportunity to choose between a 4-day/3-night Carnival Cruise, or a 3-day/2-night stay in Las Vegas with roundtrip airfare.

Wolfe Chevrolet offered this special promotion during the months of January and February, which are notoriously slow months for them. This special promotion added value to the offer, resulting in higher-than-average sales numbers.

Employees even enjoyed offering the travel incentive as it really helped to close sales, making their jobs easier. It’s no secret that if your employees are happy, your customers are happy. Therefore, the car dealership promotion was a win-win as it made it a lot easier for employees and Woodcock to finalize sales – and customers not only enjoyed their new cars, but a complimentary vacation. Odenza helped Wolfe Chevrolet, and they can help your business, as well.

The Best Travel Incentives Company

The Odenza Marketing Group is the number one travel incentives company, according to a study conducted by Concordia University. They make travel incentives affordable and easy to add to any business strategy. One reason for their success is how many travel destinations they have to choose from. These include a Carnival Cruise and trips to Las Vegas, Disney World, Hawaii, and many more beloved holiday destinations. No matter what, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget and business strategy.

Odenza’s success is also accomplished through their experienced travel agents, who work directly with your customers to plan their vacations. All you have to do is tell them about the offer and hand them their travel certificate, then Odenza handles the rest.

Finally, Odenza’s 3-time award-winning marketing and sales teams are also at your disposal. Recognized by the likes of Carnival Cruise Lines and International Association of Printing House Craftsmen, Odenza’s marketing and sales teams offer you free marketing materials, copyright services, promotional support, and so much more.

So the next time considering an incentive-driven promotion, choose Odenza to help you plan your special offer to your customers. Wolfe Chevrolet in BC, Canada, took advantage of this effective and unique opportunity and you can, too.

With a free consultation, there’s no pressure to decide right away, and you’ll get all the information you need to make an informed decision. However, if you do decide to work with the Odenza Marketing Group, planning this unique offer will be easy and you’ll reward your customers with a unique and special prize they’ll thoroughly enjoy.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the wide range of amazing vacation stories our previous travel customers have shared over at Odenza Reviews.

About Odenza

Odenza has delivered 3420 promotions in the last 3 years with 1140 clients in 43 industries throughout North America. Odenza is a three-time recipient of Carnival Cruise Lines' "Pinnacle Club" award for sales excellence and a member of Funjet Vacations "500 Club" of travel agencies. Odenza was recognized for providing superior customer service, demonstrating expertise in Funjet vacation destinations and ensuring that customers receive the best vacation value available.