Build Up to those Closing Tools

Selling is tricky. It’s hard to convince people to spend their hard-earned money on a product they’re unfamiliar with. The fact of the matter is that you could have the highest quality product on the market, but if you aren’t a good salesman/woman, you won’t get very far. Fortunately, there are sales tactics you can use as closing tools to assist you.

Other than employing great staff and keeping them motivated, the first thing to remember in sales is to not to be too pushy when talking to a customer about your product. Too much pressure will drive the customer away. Also, if you forget that you’re trying to sell something and work towards having a natural conversation with the customer, chances are they’ll be more relaxed and willing to talk to you. When you do this, try to start with closed-ended questions (questions that require only yes and no answers) to loosen the customer up and then work towards open-ended questions (questions that require a little more detail when answering).

Travel Incentives are Great Closing Tools

Once you start talking to the customer, selling becomes a bit easier. However, if they’re still unsure, travel incentives are great closing tools because they offer a customer that little extra push they need to say, “Yes.”

Travel incentives work! Other closing tools include extended warranties or cash discounts, but a recent survey conducted by USA Today found that 93% of customers prefer travel incentives over other incentives. If that isn’t enough, studies also show that businesses who used travel incentives saw a 30% increase in profit. It makes sense, right? Imagine your customers creating memories with loved ones on a vacation and constantly being reminded that you’re the reason they’re there in the first place! Not only are they investing in something they need, but they’re getting rewarded for it.

You can also use travel incentives to up-sell. If there’s a qualifying price to win and the customer is really close to it, as a closing tool, you can ask them if they want to buy something else to qualify for it. They’ll then be tempted to spend a bit more money.

Some customers may be skeptical, but if you give them detailed information, it should ease their minds.

Why Use Odenza?

Odenza is the number one travel incentives company because we understand that, while travel incentives are a great marketing strategy, the process does require a lot of planning and budgeting. Because of this, we offer affordable travel plans that are custom designed for your business. Our certified travel agents help you every step of the way, from planning the promotional ideas and marketing strategies, to developing those closing tools.

Outsourcing is a great idea because, when you hire Odenza, your success is our success. We want your business to profit from our services because it’s our job! You’ll learn through the entire process that selling becomes a lot easier when you have great closing tools, or travel incentives, to offer your customers.

About Odenza

Odenza has delivered 3420 promotions in the last 3 years with 1140 clients in 43 industries throughout North America. Odenza is a three-time recipient of Carnival Cruise Lines' "Pinnacle Club" award for sales excellence and a member of Funjet Vacations "500 Club" of travel agencies. Odenza was recognized for providing superior customer service, demonstrating expertise in Funjet vacation destinations and ensuring that customers receive the best vacation value available.