Las Vegas Casino Gives Back to the Community Through Odenza Promotion

Fitzgerald’s Casino and Hotel Promotion

Fitzgerald’s Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV is known for sponsoring volunteer events to improve the surrounding neighborhoods. To further create excitement and a sense of community, casino backs up these events with team member travel incentive programs.

During a special project to improve the surrounding neighborhoods, volunteers decorated trash bins in local school yards which would then be reused to store school supplies. The goal of the project was to make the area a better and safer place for the community’s children. These establishments were also the focus so that the community could get together and improve the quality of the neighborhood.

The Contest

Fitzgerald’s Casino and Hotel sponsored a school supply drive to improve the community’s area. The casino promotion consisted of gathering volunteers and the casino employees and challenging them to create an eye-catching design that would be used to decorate the trash bins in the surrounding area.

Additionally, the casino promotion awarded the top teams for doing so, adding to the fun of the casino promotion. In order to encourage people to take part in this special event, Fitzgerald’s offered a team member travel incentive that was organized by Odenza. This played a large role in the success of the casino promotion.

The Team

Odenza is the leading travel incentives company according to a study conducted by Concordia University. Their award-winning sales and marketing team worked with Fitzgerald’s Casino every step of the way to make sure their special events ran smoothly.

Furthermore, Odenza has many travel options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that’s not only affordable but is something that your employees and clients will enjoy. Odenza’s award-winning travel agents will help you to profit from this experience while having fun as well.

Additionally, travel incentives are a great prize to offer clients and volunteers. They’re the leading prize option for companies to offer their clients as they generate better results than other prizes do. These other prizes include things like cash and gift cards, among other things, as vacations offer the winner an experience and cherished memories. So, what better way to generate interest in your company and its promotion than to offer a complimentary travel incentive? Not only will your clients, employees, or volunteers have a great time creating great memories with loved ones, they’ll also be reminded of how they got there in the first place. It provides extra motivation to invest in your company or, in this case, to volunteer for your company’s charity.

Here’s what Fitzgerald’s decided to go with.

The Prize

The members of the groups that placed first, second, and third in the casino promotion were awarded tickets for two to go on a Carnival Cruise to Mexico. The prize helped to encourage and motivate the volunteers to not only participate, but provided them with the prospect of an exciting reward at the end. The prize and the contest also helped to bring the community together and rewarded the volunteers for doing so.

Furthermore, the winning teams decided to do an extreme makeover with one of the dumpsters at Booker Elementary School. This was done for three reasons; most of them came from single-parent families, their school was demolished, and the classes were being held in trailers until the new school was finished. Overall, the volunteers went above and beyond to help their community.

With the help of Odenza, this special event was a big success. The travel prize, which Odenza helped to carry out flawlessly, provided Fitzgerald’s with a unique prize giveaway. It also helped to generate excitement for the special event and motivated the volunteers to do a good job when working on their designs. Not only did Fitzgerald’s casino benefit from the casino promotion, but it benefited the community and created a bonding experience for the city’s residents. This is just one of the ways a travel incentive can help a company to profit from a special promotion.

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