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Mitsubishi Motors Dealer Increases Sales with Odenza Vegas Promotion

Every business needs an effective business strategy that helps them to stand out from their competitors. This is true no matter what time of the year it is; during an off-season, busy season, holiday season, etc., as finalizing a sale is usually very challenging.

One business strategy that will give any company a competitive edge during any time of year is offering their customers a travel incentive. Studies show that customers and employees prefer this prize over other prizes like gift cards, cash, etc., because it really helps to finalize a sale. Just ask Andrew P., the Sales Manager of Platinum Mitsubishi in Calgary, AB. Their branch needed an effective business strategy that would help them to stay in the game when competing against other dealerships. The travel incentive they decided to offer was the perfect marketing strategy to accomplish this.

A big reason this marketing strategy was such a success is because the Calgary Mitsubishi dealership hired Odenza to help organize and implement this great car dealership promotion. This is especially true because Odenza guarantees exclusivity in their client’s market. So, Andrew could relax as he knew that this car dealership promotion was unique to his dealership.

Busy Times for Car Dealerships

At the end of the month, dealership managers have to meet a certain quota, giving customers an advantage as they can easily haggle a car’s price down. Additionally, at the end of a business day, car dealers are ready to go home, but they won’t let a serious offer fly out the door. Therefore, the customers have an advantage over the salesperson.

Customers may also take advantage of special car dealership promotions like an end-of-model-year sales event or rebates. This type of car dealership promotion might be common during a Black Friday sale. When Black Friday rolls around, marked-down prices are everywhere; car dealerships are no exception. Customers will especially want to take advantage of these car dealership promotions.

As a car dealer, it’s important to understand all of this and bring your own negotiating skills to the table. This can be challenging sometimes and having something else handy to offer a customer can really help in finalizing a sale; this is where the travel incentive and the Odenza Marketing Group come in.

Mitsubishi Automotive Dealer Promotion Increase sales

How to Stand Out with an Effective Business Strategy

A travel incentive is as exciting to offer a customer as it is for a customer to receive it, because it’s an effective marketing strategy. After all, who doesn’t love a free vacation? Your clients will be able to go on a complimentary dream vacation just for investing in your products. They’ll be so grateful that, it will not only help complete that first sale, it will also motivate them to become a regular customer, increasing your general profit. This is why Andrew P., the Sales Manager at Platinum Mitsubishi in Calgary, AB, decided to offer a travel incentive.

This Mitsubishi branch needed help in finalizing their sales, so they called on the Odenza Marketing Group to help them plan a car dealership promotion. When talking about the travel incentives they offered, Andrew stated that, “It’s been a little bit slower for everybody in the Calgary market right now, which makes it tougher to reach the same goals, but it’s helping us sustain sales so it does an excellent job of accomplishing our objectives.”

Travel incentives are easy to hand to customers (as they come in the form of a travel certificate which features all the important travel information that customers need), motivate them to invest, and can create a fun atmosphere for employees as well. It’s also a great offer to feature on any advertisement and with Odenza’s award-winning marketing team and the free and customizable advertising materials they offer their clients, it’s tough to pass on this opportunity. Additionally, travel incentives offer your customers something extra for spending their money.

Outsourcing with a company like the Odenza Marketing Group makes this process even easier. In addition to the exclusivity in your market and the free marketing materials, Odenza’s award-winning and well-trained travel agents will be with you every step of the way. There’s a lot that goes into planning a vacation and our travel agents understand this. We’ll make sure that you, your company, your employees, and your customers get the most out of this great offer.

If that’s not enough, Calgary Mitsubishi’s branch manager, Andrew, gave Odenza a 9/10 satisfactory rating with implementing the car dealership promotion and said that, “It worked very well for us and it’s a good program to have. It definitely helps in the sales process, and anything that can help a customer to feel good about signing or buying is always a huge plus.”

So, what are you waiting for? Do what the Calgary Mitsubishi branch did and take advantage of this effective marketing strategy. Your employees will enjoy offering the travel incentive, customers will enjoy going vacation, and you’ll enjoy the help that you received from the Odenza Marketing Group and the profit this offer generates.

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